• What are Chandamama stories?

    Chandamama was a classic Indian children's magazine that started in 1947. For over half a century, they created beloved stories in several Indian languages. The stories are known for encompassing many mythological, cultural, and moral elements.

  • Why this website?

    Chandamama magazine is no longer in production and the stories are largely lost to modern viewers. This website aims to preserve the stories for future generations. Content on this site will always be free for everyone to enjoy!

  • How can I support this?

    If you enjoyed this website please consider sharing with your friends & family!

  • Why are there a limited number of languages, years, etc.?

    Since this is a new project, I started with a few languages and about 5 year's worth of content. I wanted to get something launched so that people can start reading (especially around COVID time). Adding additional content requires time to process data, vet the output, and figure out server costs. If there is interest for more content, I will try to dedicate more time to expanding this collection.

  • Who are you?

    I'm a first-generation Indian American interested in tech. Although I have not had first-hand experience with Chandamama magazines, I still felt their influence through Telugu stories my mother told me as a child. She is a big fan of the magazine, so I wanted to create an archive for her and others to enjoy. Please note: I am not the copyright holder nor claim any ownership of Chandamama magazines.

  • I have comments / questions / suggestions...

    I love to hear from readers! You can reach me on twitter @ChandamamaPage or email at chandamama.page [AT] protonmail.ch


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  • 2020/08/16

    • Archived years 1960 - 66 (Telugu & Hindi)
    • Computed stats (years, magazines & pages) for each language 🧮
    • Split up JSON and js files to improve page load times
  • 2020/08/03

    • Archived years 1967 - 69 (Telugu & Hindi)
    • Added social media buttons to easily share with friends & family
    • Changed thumbnail images to lazy loading to save user bandwidth 📶
  • 2020/07/14

    • Archived second half of 70's magazines for Telugu, English, and Hindi
    • Changed homepage to use responsive images to get faster load times ⚡
    • Added PWA support to enable standalone app
  • 2020/06/19

    • Big UI update for entire site
    • Random selection of magazines presented on homepage
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  • 2020/04/24

    • Updated site logo, favicon and app icons
    • More descriptive titles, meta descriptions, and SEO metadata
    • Increasing magazine zoom max from 2 to 3x
    • Improving accessibility by adding alt tags to images
  • 2020/04/19

    • Initial Launch 🎉
    • Languages include Telugu, English & Hindi
    • Years 1970-1975 (some missing)